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Shiny Supreme Refill Ink


Shiny brand SUPREME Refill ink for Self-inking Handles
Size: 28ml (1 oz)
Water-based ink, applicable for paper and non-porous surfaces
Extraordinary ink colors — Pink, Orange, Brown
Great for color-coding your documents and for distinctive stamp imprints.

Re-ink your Shiny self-inking handles’ ink pad with only a few drops of Shiny ink.

To prolong the life of your Shiny Self-Inking ink pad, only use Shiny refill ink for self-inking handles. Shiny refill ink is a water-based ink especially for use with self-inking handles.

Also available in our shop for separate purchase:
PREMIUM line): black, red, blue, green, and violet.

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Re-ink your Shiny self-inking handles with only a few drops of Shiny Supreme Refill ink. Each bottle is 28ml. The ink is water-based and is great for making distinct impressions on your documents Available ink colors: pink, brown, and orange. Other ink colors — black, red, blue, green, and violet — are available for separate purchase.